Providing safe working environments for employees and reducing risks associated to the activities which GENCO LLC performs, is GENCO LLC’s first priority. According to the Company Occupational Health and Safety Policy, GENCO LLC takes all necessary preventive measures during the construction activities, and reviews the measures taken at certain intervals.

GENCO LLC has established an Integrated Occupational Health and Safety Management System that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all personnel who are working for the entire Company. The HSE Management System is implemented in all areas that GENCO LLC operates. In order to maintain HSE Management System; GENCO LLC conducting periodical HSE Audits throughout the Company.

In order to increase its employee’s awareness in the field of Occupational Health and Safety; GENCO LLC provides necessary training programs and seminars to its employees. In addition to meeting the legal requirements in the field of Occupational Health and Safety, GENCO LLC provides international occupational safety trainings such as IOSH and NEBOSH to its employees in order to show leadership in their work areas by taking advantage of international developments and standards.

The Company, not only consider the safety but also the health of its employees. Thus, GENCO LLC conducts special assessment of working conditions in order to reduce occupational hazards. According to the findings of these special assessments of working conditions GENCO LLC takes proper preventive measures to provide safe and healthy working environment to its employees.

In order to evaluate HSE Management System, GENCO LLC developed a unique HSE Reporting System and KPI System. By this means, all key personnel’s HSE performances are being evaluated periodically.

GENCO LLC believes that Occupational Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility. In order to ensure the involvement of all employees in the field of HSE; the HSE Incentive Program has been developed, and employees showing exemplary behavior in HSE issues are rewarded during the periodical incentive ceremony by project management.


Special Labor Conditions Assessment

According to Federal Law “On Special Labor Conditions Assessment” dated Dec. 28, 2013, No. 426-FZ, Genco LLC arranges special labor conditions assessment at all the sites they attend. Following the results of such assessment they develop and introduce arrangements for labor conditions enhancement. Genco LLC aims to reduce numbers of harmful working places – for that, they equip working places with state-of-the-art equipment, tools, collective and personal protection equipment, enhancing usability of working places and introducing new production processes. As regards to staff members employed at the sites where harmful factors can’t be totally avoided for external reasons, Genco LLC follows every requirement of the Russian law, including medical and preventive meals, premium pays etc.

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